The programme is ideal for complete beginners, people who want to hit the 'reset' button, or those who would like to undergo a structured programme that covers the key principles and movements in Systema.
28 Day Systema Programme.
28 days will give you a great insight into Systema's approach and key principles for health, skill, performance and wellbeing. In just 28 days you will feel...
  • Calmer.
  • More energised.
  • Lighter.
  • More toned.
  • Fitter.
  • More mobile.
  • Stronger. 
Even if you don't do Systema, you will get huge benefits from the programme. 

It is full of innovative ideas that you can carry over into day to day living creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
A functional, holistic, balanced approach that literally turns back the clock. Delivered daily to your inbox, it takes only 15 minutes of your day to creates a lasting lifestyle change. 
The programme consists of:
  • 28 informative emails that will cover the key concepts of Systema: Breathing exercises, mobility & conditioning exercises and habit forming approaches to Systema health and wellbeing practices.
  • A daily video will gently develop your fitness, mobility, strength, endurance and sense of calm.
  • A healthy, natural nutrition plan keeps you on track without all the confusion. Just follow the plan and the results will take care of themselves. 
  • The approach is a natural, holistic one, covering the 5 key things that make a difference to how we look, feel and perform on a daily basis. Namely: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Movement and Breathing.           
It is about creating a lifestyle change, that you will carry over well after the 28 day Challenge has finished. 
It is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. 

I’m giving you a full 28 days to complete the programme with no risk. 
With the 28 day Systema programme,
you have the perfect opportunity to get started!
The price is just £28. £1 per day. Just Click “Enrol Now” below to join the 28 Day programme.
Want to find out more? Read on to hear what others had to say about it:
All areas of your life are affected by your health, wellbeing and fitness levels. The 28 Day Systema Programme addresses all of these.
Hundreds of people of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels have benefitted from it.

Here is a testimonial from Phil and his wife:

Where do we send the bill? It's incredible, both Rachel and I have had to adjust our belts and she is threatening to buy new clothes because her existing ones are too loose!

Rachel has lost 11lbs and I've lost 16lb!

The feeling of well being is fantastic! More energy, moving better and feeling of being in control of my own destiny is very empowering.

In short summary the benefits have been:

  - Increased levels of energy 
  - Tremendous feeling of well-being 
  - Reduced knee pain in both my knees (carrying over a stone less in weight) 
  - Reduced arthritic pain in thumbs (due to drastically reduced refined sugar intake?) 
  - Increased strength in core and arms, increased flexibility in lower back 
  - Food tastes are enhanced. 
  - No heartburn / indigestion at night. 

 All in all a tremendous experience which we are aiming to continue past the 28 days. 

This is now my life model, it would be stupid to go back to old habits and forego the incredible benefits your programme, encouragement and advice have started. 

So thanks again, speak soon. Phil 

The programme is designed specifically for busy or travelling people. 
You can do the it anywhere. From a hotel room to the comfort of your own home. It starts with a nutrition plan. No fads or supplements. Just a timeless, natural SUSTAINABLE and healthy approach to your nutrition that you can shop for and stick to anywhere. 

This is accompanied by a daily email from me for each of the 28 days of the programme. These will support you every step of the way to the end.

Each email comes with tips, ideas and encouragement about the Systema approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Here is what some other people had to say:
I would like to thank you for this inspiring and enjoyable programme.
As far as I remember, it is the first time I have stuck to a programme to the end.
Though I wasn't at a 100% on every aspect, i managed to respect it on a whole.

  - I found the soft and progressive approach very helpful. 
  - After the optional fast I am now able to fast without it being a mental torture, and have directly felt the benefits in my daily life. 
  - My skin has never been so clear and tight.
  - I have a lot more energy and enthusiasm in performing tasks in my daily life and work.
  - My mood has been more even, peaceful and positive. 
  - My mind is clearer and more focused.
  - My breathing has helped my relieve some of the tension in my body, and I now understand the importance of keep checking my breathing through my day and in my exercice routine.
  - I have lost 3,5 kg without feeling I have missed out on anything.

And above all, I truly feel a strong desire and need to adopt these habits to my daily life.

So thank you again for your inspiring and smooth approach.

Kindest regards, Marcus.
Matt I have just done the best run ever using the breathing techniques. Thank you! Mel.
At the start of the programme I couldn't get my legs over my head for the leg raise pillar without 'cheating' i.e. using my arms for extra push.  It's amazing how you can see something being done with little effort and think 'easy, I could do that' only to realise it's not that easy.  By the end of the challenge I am able to get my legs over my head during the leg raise while and stay relaxed. Brendan.
Thanks for the final day's video. A few thoughts, the plan is genius, if you could bottle its essence you would be onto a winner. It's as easy or as hard as you make it and the potential for customers who are a distance away is limitless. Some days have been easier than others.  My movement and strength have improved as has my breathing. I will be doing the pillars every day now. Once again, amazing work. The last three weeks have been a real eye opener and thank you for sharing your expertise. Best wishes, Andrew
I have been amazed at how Systema has changed me in such a short space of time. I am surprised daily by what I can do and how I am changing how I move in everyday life. I feel more confident socially and much more confident in my own body strength and ability. This has brought about a new determination to get better and improve and be the best at Systema I can be.  I can forward roll !!! This has made me feel positively child like . Lastly ( sorry more than a couple of lines but you know me ! ) I would certainly be interested in another 21 day challenge! I may even follow all four things next time. I would rather do one thing well and dabble in the others than dabble in all four . The Training exercises  are the starter for me towards lifestyle change and I am taking it in small steps . I even run for pleasure and to calm my busy head. Victoria.
Daily Activity Video
Each of the daily emails also comes with a Unique Systema tutorial in the form of a short video clip. The tutorials range from easy to more challenging but they have progressions that everyone can engage with. 

They are all based around natural movement. They will steadily check and build your strength, movement range, mobility, relaxation, balance and other physical attributes in a way that will enhance your life.

They can be done in a few minutes, anytime, anywhere. The videos will cover the following and more:
  • Breathing techniques to stay calm and manage stress.
  • The Five Pillars of Movement to get you strong, mobile and relaxed.
  • Variations on these movements to make it fun and engaging.
  • Creative ways to carry this over into everyday life.
  • None of the videos are more than 10 minutes long. Many are less than 5. 
Many have said that the daily email is the best motivation they could have had to complete the programme, and that they really missed them when it finished!
A holistic approach - The Five Key Things That Matter:
To perform, look and feel great, you need a holistic approach. You can’t just focus on exercise or diet alone. This programme addresses the 5 key areas of health and wellbeing:
  •  Nutrition: The amount of information on diet is overwhelming. The nutrition plan is simple, timeless and flexible. It works. Simple as that.
  • Hydration: This has a HUGE impact on your health, wellbeing and performance. This will help you get it right.
  • Sleep: Often overlooked, at your peril. Recent athletic studies show that this is even more important than nutrition.
  •  Breathing: How well you perform, recover, endure, stay calm, release stress, all these and more are linked DIRECTLY to your breathing.
  •  Movement: 28 days of unique Systema exercises that will challenge you and show you how to get and keep a body that is strong, fluid and flexible enough to not just last you a lifetime but to do all the things that you want to do in that lifetime.
Included is the Nutrition Plan. This ensures that you are getting all of the energy and nutrients that you need to feel, look and perform at your best. 

No Magic Pills or faddish supplements. 

You also have the option of trying a gentle introduction to the concepts and benefits of the ancient and timeless practice of fasting. 
I'm 67 and retired. I was feeling out of sorts, down in the dumps and on a lot of medication. So when I came across the 28 Day programme I thought I would give it a go. I enrolled but nearly gave up when I say the four core exercises as I have had three hip replacements! However the plan makes it easy to follow at your own pace and even has slightly easier versions for those who struggle. I followed the nutrition plan and now after only 4 weeks I am feeling fitter, eating better, sleeping better and off all medication! So come on you are never too old to try this and a million thanks Matt! Jill.
Hi Matt 
The 28 day programme went really well. Just what I needed to refocus the brain. The email helped a lot with some great information. I found that the water intake really made a difference to how I felt. The breath hold exercises we're very interesting as I do a lot of free diving. I'm going to take a look at some of your books as I feel they will be helpful in continuing with my routine. Having the emails coming through around 06:00 each day was great as I could do the morning movements before work. Fantastic way to start the day. 
Thanks for all the help Matt.
Many thanks. Nick
As you know I've done the programme a few times, but switching it to 28 days long has made this the most rewarding of them all. A few extra things you added have made the difference.

Having three fasts of gently increasing length was really effective. Although I stuck to a better diet than other attempts I did do a bit of cheating due to social occasions, but the fasts always put me back on track. I ended up just over 12.5 stones, which I haven't been for years. Thanks! Ed.
This has been fantastic and well worth it. I've been experimenting and practising with the 4 pillars and breathing every day. 

Definitely noticing physical improvements. For example, when I started I could hardly squat, and now I can get down low. Also, we had 6 inches of heavy wet snow this morning here in New England in the US, and my wife usually helps me with the driveway shoveling. Not sure of your experience with snow, but the street plow leaves a large compacted mass in addition to the fallen snow as it goes by the driveway. This morning, using my breath in a conscious way and with my body mechanics seemingly automatically improved, I was able to get it all done by myself, in good time, with less exhaustion, less recovery afterward, and an absence of back pain! - Geoff. USA.
Any lasting change needs to be a lifestyle change...
The results you get with the 28 Day programme are designed to last.

It is about introducing you to new skills and a new lifestyle, that you can carry on well past the 28 days. 

It is not a crash course or a crash diet. You will be gently guided by the emails, plans and videos to make lifestyle changes. 

Each day you are making small, subtle changes and skill gains that you will naturally take with you long after the 28 days are over. 

Now is the time to get started!
Click “Enrol Now” below to join the 28 day challenge for just £28.
If you have read to here I guess that you are interested in improving yourself and your Systema, I would love to be part of that journey. 

You can go the full 28 days to complete the programme and get where you want to go. Risk Free.

Good Luck! I'll see you in the programme!

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