Systema has a unique approach to Breath Work Skill. Based on the teachings of Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev this programme is ideal for people looking to understand and teach the Systema approach to Breath work to optimise their health and martial arts skill.
Systema Breath Work Course
How the course will benefit you:
  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Enhance your feeling of well-being.
  • Broken down into bite size chunks for quick access and flexibility. 
  • Shows you how to get health benefits even if you can only do a few minutes. — A gift to travelers and busy people
  • Many of the exercises can be done anytime, anywhere, as they incorporate normal activities such as walking, breathing and tension work.
  • Lack of space is not an issue as you only need standing and lying space for the static exercises. 
  • Boost energy levels whilst on a break at work.
  • Learn to move from tension to relaxation in a moment.
  • Improve your overall levels of co-ordination.
  • Catch and remove stress before it becomes unmanageable. 
  • Great for warm ups prior to training. 
  • Find and remove tension from key areas such as the back, shoulders and neck.
  • Learn to release emotional blocks.
  • Learn to loosen the entire body with just a short walk.
  • Learn to heal injuries faster and open energy pathways.
  • Achieve greater freedom of movement through simple mobility and ground flow exercises.
  • Counter the energy-draining impact of the stress response.
  • Learn 'breath stretches' to really open up the body. 
  • Increase blood flow to the extremities.
  • Create your own ideal morning routine.
  • Learn how to calm down in one breath.
  • Invigorate the your internal organs.
  • Jump start your internal systems.
  • Radically enhance your breathing.
  • Improve your endurance and recovery.
  • Learn to lengthen your breath for more calm and dynamic health. 
  • Enhance blood flow to cleanse and nourish every part of your body.
  • Learn to stay free, relaxed and responsive in your movements - a vital skill for athletes and martial artists alike.
Even if you don't do Systema, you will get huge benefits from the programme. 

It is full of innovative drills that you can practice on your own that will bring almost instant benefits to how you feel and perform. 
Elements covered on the course
  •  Systema Breathing Principles
  •  Posture Corrections
  •  The Five Pillars of Systema
  •  The benefits of nasal breathing
  •  Burst breathing explanation and practice
  •  Russian Breath Ladder
  •  Circular, Triangular and Square Breaths
  •  Breath hold training
  •  Recovery runs
  •  Breath work warm ups
  •  Breathing Stretches
  •  'Lykoge' or light Breathing
  •  Breath hold pillars
  •  Balance work 
  •  Stress position breath hold and recovery
  •  'Feel the pulse' exercise
  •  Tension and release
  •  Applied work 1: Imaging a scary situation.
  •  Applied work 2: Proximity training.
  •  Applied work 3: Contact work.
  •  Applied work 4: Managing Pain
  •  Applied work 5: Hitting/slapping.
Breathing is our most vital function. This course will show you how to remove tension, stress, increase endurance and decrease recovery time. You will learn to feel vibrant, relaxed and energised.
The course consists of:
  • Over 2 hours of footage - 36 Video Segments ranging from 2-3 minutes to over 10 minutes. The videos allow you to work through each element in bite size chunks.
  • Guidance notes Giving added information for each video segment.
  • The flexibility to watch the segments on your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.      
It is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. 

If you are unhappy I will refund you the cost of the course no questions asked.
An easy to use, comprehensive course.
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Just wanted to drop you a quick line on behalf of myself and Dylan to say a huge thank you for a truly great weekend. 

I have two perspectives on it:
Firstly as a father I couldn’t wish for a better foundation for a 12 year old son who’s starting to explore his physicality and emotions. What Dylan was shown and participated in will I’m sure stand him in great stead for keeping himself well on many levels. This was his first ever workshop of any kind (or length) and I was amazed at how he was able to apply himself for its entirety, i’m sure this was as a result of your skilled instruction and the way you paced and structured the weekend.

Thanks so much for the way you presented the book to him - it meant a lot to him and he was incredibly encouraged and proud about it.

As a Somatic educator and yoga teacher I have run many workshops over the years and really appreciate the skill levels you have as an instructor, and I completely agree with whoever it was that said that you were disarming!

From a more selfish perspective the weekend gave me all I hoped and expected and so much more - I have a lot to unpack, think about and put into practice. Its a shame that the distance makes it unviable to come for more instruction on a regular weekly basis but I will just have to be satisfied with attending seminars whenever possible and as I mentioned will be keen to attend the week in November. - D.Gibbs.
Ideal for busy or travelling people - can be easily done from your home or hotel room. 
It has been a couple of weeks now since your 2 day systema breathing weekend and the principles have remained solid and fairly constant. Since 2007 I have been having intermittent flash backs to Afghanistan where I served as a sniper with 45 Commando, the memories would be triggered by a certain smell or landscape and my imagination would wander, feelings and strong emotions would stir up and by the time I knew it 20 minutes had elapsed in complete unawareness of the present moment and my surroundings, (not ideal at 03:00 when your flying down the M5 at 80mph thinking the rear car lights are RPG's) these uncontrolled thoughts and vivid memories had the tendency to ruin the rest of my day and leave me with an underlying bubbling anger.

During the outdoor exercise with yourself whilst walking across the field I had a mini flashback to a raid I was involved in, but the difference this time was that instead of getting carried away I remained anchored in my breath which prevented any emotional attachment, it seem to establish a present awareness that caught the thought before it took hold, although the memory is still there it seems more like a dream that fades the more I concentrate on the breath.

I have continued to apply the whole body breathing exercises during the waking day and it is becoming almost automatic. I have realised that for me this is not a one off thing to be done a couple of hours a week but a way of life where I remain 'on watch' over myself, instead of scanning my surroundings for threats I now scan my mind and body for tension and the best thing is the chronic aches and pains are starting to subside and life is becoming brighter, thank God. - Billy Ross.
Who is it for?
The course is ideal for:
  • People wanting to deepen their understanding of Systema Health and Breath Work.
  • Instructors looking to add to their repertoire of teaching drills.
  • People who spend a lot of time training on their own and would benefit from work along videos.
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